Access Project

Accessibility Symbols

For a church be inclusive and accessible to all is a clear gospel priority. The Access Project aims to make our premises more welcoming to those with disabilities such as impaired mobility or vision.


  • The worship platform now has a set of half-steps on the lectern side. Moreover, a set of portable channel ramps has been purchased to provide wheelchair access to the platform.
  • An application has been submitted for the removal of pews to create space for wheelchair users and their companions. Currently, the only place they can go is in front of the frontmost pews. We realise that many prefer to sit elsewhere, and have the option to sit next to someone who might not be a wheelchair user themselves.
  • Of course we still do the things we always did, such as provide a deaf loop, and large print service sheets for the visually impaired.

Regent rooms

Lift Rendering

  • An evacuation chair has been purchased to enable safe evacuation of wheelchair users from the upper hall.
  • An application has been submitted for a lift to the upper hall to be fitted. See the next section for more details.

Lift project

The lift project aims to make the Regent Rooms upper hall accessible to wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility. This is important not just for church activities, but also for community users of the building, and for the Brigades who have the pleasure of working with a number of young people in wheelchairs.

We are currently actively fundraising for this project and your contribution or ideas would be greatly appreciated. You can read here how this will impact some young people.

The lift would be positioned where currently the leftmost toilet is inside the front doors. There is enough space left to preserve a toilet facility which would be accessible from the creche room. Upstairs, the lift would take away part of the existing storage area but not affect the space much otherwise.

If you would like to know more, feel free to download the documentation:

PowerPoint presentation

Statement of Justification

Floor plan drawings

Lift drawings