Lift Project Stories

"They have welcomed Bobs and Ryan when other groups were fearful of taking children with such needs"

"The Baptist church has been a huge support for us over many years," says Rebecca, mum of Bobby and Ryan. "Right from joining the toddler group over 18 years ago, through holiday clubs, Girls' Brigade and Boys' Brigade, not to mention family fun days and other events over the years, the church community has been a huge support for us as a family. They have welcomed Bobs and Ryan to Boys' Brigade when other groups were fearful of taking children with such needs."

Nathan pointing at the narrow Regent Room staircase

"Now that the boys are bigger, accessing Boys' Brigade is becoming a problem with the wheelchairs. The biggest hall they have is upstairs, and the display night is held upstairs. This means that people have been helping Bobs and his wheelchair upstairs, along with another child in a manual wheelchair. Ryan's powerchair cannot be lifted at all, so for activities upstairs he loses his independence completely. Winning help for this project would be amazing to help my boys to access the Brigade fully each week. So please, give me 5 minutes of your time to register, then find this project and add your 10 votes." (Update: voting has now closed.)

"Whenever wheelchairs have to stay downstairs, the boys also leave their independence behind"

Inger, whose son Nathan (pictured) has cerebral palsy, adds: "Boys Brigade leaders are struggling to make best use of the space because three boys use wheelchairs. These boys are growing and so are their chairs. Whenever these have to stay downstairs, they also leave their independence behind. Adult members of both congregation and community who have mobility issues are also affected as they cannot attend events in the hall. Please help us by voting for lift funding." (Update: voting has now closed.)

All quotes and images used with permission.