Canaries for the Climate

In the run up to COP26 in November, we've been using our handicraft skills to share our concern about climate change. 

The Rugby Baptist Church Canary Craftivists have been making canaries, and the Canary Gallery shows where the birds have been seen around our town. 

We've been inspired by canaries because in days gone by these sensitive little birds helped warn miners of dangerous pollution such as carbon monoxide. In the same way, we hope that our canaries will gently warn and help remind us about the urgent dangers of global warming.

Our Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade have also both joined in, hearing about COP 26 at one of their Brigade evenings and talking about their own feelings about climate change, and they had a go at sewing canaries too - take a look at the canary gallery.

One of the Rugby Baptist Church canaries has now winged its way to each of the MPs who have members of our church living in their constituency with a message from us asking them to play their part in making a cleaner, greener world. This year the UK has a great opportunity to make a difference as we host a crucial meeting of world leaders, the UN climate change summit known as COP 26, taking place in Glasgow in November, and this is why we joined this campaign this summer. We've been delighted to receive a detailed reply from Mark Pawsey, our local MP. This is on display on the board in the John Lees Hall.

If you've made a canary for this campaign and would like it to be added to our website gallery, please email us!

The 'Canary Craftivists' campaign is part of a nationwide initiative run by the Craftivist Collective, who use handicrafts as a tool to do a form of quiet, kind and attractive activism that they call 'gentle protest'. For more information: Canary Craftivism