From the newsletter — Sunday 17th January

A word from David

The actual throne of Britain is in St James’ Palace in London. I was lucky enough to be shown it once, even though the palace is not open to the public. The throne room opens onto a long, straight corridor along which, if all the doors are open, someone sitting on the throne can see right through to the altar in the palace chapel. It is a reminder to the monarch that there is one whose authority is even greater than theirs and to whom they are beholden. As we begin today to look at God’s sovereignty and control, let’s all remember: his throne is greater and his name is higher than any other.

Online Church Hall, Chat and Prayer

You are invited to join us weekly over Zoom at 11:30 pm on Sunday to chat, catch up and prayer together.

Please get in touch with David or Graham if you need the link and password.

Sunday Shoal + 

We have a group for primary age children and younger that meets on a Sunday at 10:30 am for 20 minutes or so, for a story, prayer and game, and a time to catch up with each other. Please contact us if your child would like to join.

January Church Meeting

About 55 people joined on Zoom for our meeting which was an encouraging number.

We heard a report from David about some of the difficulties we face running the church at the current time.

Our Church office manager has had to reduce her hours due to having to home school her children and so more help will be needed from volunteers to cover certain areas.

David shared some of the encouragements from the Christmas period including the widow displays, the Advent photo challenge and how his Advent daily reflections were received. He thanked the musicians and the AV team for their efforts over the period.

Graham went through the Trustees Annual Report and Chris went through the accounts both of which will now be sent to the Charity Commission.

David Higham brought us up to date on the Diaconate restructure and the formation of small groups. Another 4 groups are ready to be established covering areas of Worship, Pastoral and Fellowship, Children and Young People and Local Mission, Outreach and Community. There is the opportunity for anyone to join one of the groups if they feel led to do so and David would be happy to hear from you. Other areas where groups are hopefully going to be set up include Overseas Mission, Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Environmental and I.T. support.

We had a Pastoral update and remembered our recently departed friend John.

All this and the meeting finished before 9.00 pm The church secretary forgot to get the minutes of the previous meeting approved, this will now be done at the March meeting. They are available on request or on Church Suite.

Office Hours

Due to schools being closed and Gill home-schooling her 5 and 10-year-old sons, the office hours are now reduced to 8 hours per week. Please note that the office mobile 07305 619012 will not be monitored and the 01788 570410 will only be checked once a week. Emails to will be monitored intermittently. If your matter is urgent please call Graham Ridgway, Church Secretary. Contact details are via ChurchSuite.

My ChurchSuite

If you’d like a little guided tour, want to ask some questions, or just need a helping hand, please do drop into a Zoom call anytime between 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm on Friday 22nd January, or alternatively get in touch with Emma or Gill.

Bilton House 

The Friends of Bilton House have been unable to hold any of their fundraising activities recently. The Friends raise money to pay for activities and extras to make the residents’ lives that bit more enjoyable. If you would normally have supported Bilton House, or would like to know more about it, and would like to donate please contact Rachel, Eileen or Rosemary. Thank you.

Christmas Cracker

Thank you to everyone who supported Rugby Christmas Cracker before Christmas. They have raised a magnificent £6,000 for the poorest women in Bangalore. Training them in technical tailoring skills, English and computer lessons to help them get employment.


Do you usually give to the work of the church via the offertory plate on a Sunday? If so, you might like to consider giving by standing order or bank transfer instead. We depend on donations and income from room lettings, both of which will be negatively affected by the current situation. Account details: Lloyds Bank, Rugby, 30-97-17 Account No 00344633.