From the newsletter — Sunday 18th April

A word from David

I once found a wallet. There was a fair bit of money in it, some cards and an old, faded photo of a woman. From the driving licence I knew the owner’s address so I returned it. At the house was an old man and his daughter, both distraught. She had been out all morning looking for the dropped wallet.
The cards had already been cancelled, and the money did not bother them, but what had upset them was the loss of the photo – one of the few photos the man had of his dead wife. Jesus said that God’s kingdom is like that photo: more precious than anything. This morning in church we will be looking at that Kingdom as we investigate, “Thy Kingdom Come”

Live Streamed Sunday Service

This week's service is live streamed on our youtube channel at 10.30

Online Church Hall, Chat and Prayer

You are invited to join us weekly over Zoom at 12.00 on Sunday to chat, catch up and pray together.

Please get in touch with David or Graham if you need the link and password.

Sunday Shoal + 

We have a group for primary age children and younger that meets on a Sunday at 10:30 am for 20 minutes or so, for a story, prayer and game, and a time to catch up with each other. Please contact us if your child would like to join.

BU Assembely Service

On Sunday 16th May morning worship from the Baptist Assembly is being live streamed and will be available as a recording. The link is available via ChurchSuite. Our service RBC will be going ahead as planned but you are encouraged to join with our Baptist brothers and sisters through the recording or if you wish by joining the live stream at home.

Try Something New

The Nurture Group meets every other week on a Wednesday evening over Zoom to be encouraged, challenged and inspired as we share thoughts and reflections, spend some time worshipping, looking at the Bible and praying for and with each other. If you’re looking for something new, it’s a good time to join us we’re starting a new book, Worshipping the God of All in All of Life on 21st April. There’s a little more info available in My ChurchSuite, including a link to a video of editor Mark Greene talking about the book.

If you’re wondering if it’s for you, feel free to get in touch with Emma Tiller or Margaret Kearney (detail on how to contact the are in the directory on ChurchSuite) to find out more about the group. We’re a friendly bunch (we think so, anyway 😊) and new people are welcome.

Redeeming our Communities

Revive Rugby is delighted to invite you to attend either, or both, of the Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) Conversations taking place on-line in Rugby on Wednesday 19th May 2021.

At each Conversation, there are two sessions (each with the same programme), afternoon at 2.00-3.30pm and an evening session from 7.00- 8.30pm.

If you would like to register for your free place, please click this link:

ROC CONVERSATION: Rugby Tickets, Wed 19 May 2021 at 14:00 | Eventbrite

or call 0161 393 4511. Anyone is welcome to attend but there are limited places available.


Church Re-opening!

Following the Deacons meeting on Tuesday we are working towards re-opening the church for services after the 12th April date when the Government relaxes some of the restrictions. Places will still have to be booked and there will still be social distancing.

Details of opening dates for other activities will follow as soon as they are finalised.

Toilet Twinning Total

Many thanks to everyone who made a donation to Toilet Twinning over Lent, whether that was via church or if you twinned your own toilet. As a church, we have raised over £1000! An amazing effort! This means we can give 16 certificates away, and once it has been arranged we’ll let you know who has accepted them and where in town you will be able to see the certificates.

Attending Church Services

We have now returned to our weekly Sunday Services in Church! Please do reserve your place by signing up via Church Suite. If you need help with this get in touch with Emma (technical Church Suite help) or Gill or 07305 619012 (reserving your place). We are here to help!

First Aid at Work

A full days training is booked for Sat 18th Sept, providing a 3yr certificate. If you would like to renew your training or become a first aider for RBC please contact me ASAP as places are limited. If you hold a first aid certificate from another provider and wish to be on RBC's register, please also let me know. The course does come at a small cost but please don't let that put you off. Please call Suzanne Upton if this intrests you (details on ChurchSuite)

Flower distribution Team

We are looking to recruit a few more people to join us. This involves purchasing and delivering some flowers to nominees at a social distance. This will be no more than every few weeks, depending on how many join the team. The church will reimburse you for the cost of the flowers. This service brings great joy to the recipients. For more information, please contact our Pastoral Co-ordinator Bobbie Wakeleigh-Jones or Petra Meeson (details on ChurchSuite)

New Church Treasurer

At the recent Church Meeting we announced that our current Treasurer, Chris Speake, will be standing down in November this year and we now welcome applications for this role.

We do not expect the Treasurer to be a financial accountant as there is already strong administrative support in routine church finances. However, we do need someone who can advise and guide the diaconate on the financial implications of our Christian initiatives.

Above all, the person needs to be enthusiastic, numerate and show a spiritual calling to this position and to the Diaconate. Extensive training and support will be provided both internally and through the Baptist Union, who have an ongoing training programme.

If you are interested, then please do call one of the search team for an exploratory conversation: Chris Speake, Mick Daulman, David Higham and Paul Ridgway. Contact details are in the Church Suite Directory


Do you usually give to the work of the church via the offertory plate on a Sunday? If so, you might like to consider giving by standing order or bank transfer instead. We depend on donations and income from room lettings, both of which will be negatively affected by the current situation.