New Here?

Rugby Baptist is a thriving, welcoming community of people of all ages and backgrounds from in and around the Rugby area. If you are new to us: welcome! We've got so much going on that it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Below are some pointers to help you find out what to expect and where to get started.

What Should I Expect?

Sunday Worship

A wide range of people participate in our Sunday morning worship. Children's and young people's groups are usually meeting elsewhere in the building for most of the service, but we like to begin and end our worship together. We aim to make worship as inclusive as possible.

Our evening service tends to be more informal, relaxed, and varied in shape. It usually takes place not in the church, but in the John Lees Hall next door.

On the first Sunday morning and third Sunday evening of the month we have a communion service. All who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to take communion, but if you feel unable to do so, please feel free to let the bread and wine pass you by.

For more information on the Sunday services please see here.

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored banner

What is the best news you've ever heard? Was it surprising? Did it change the way you think? Or was it something you wanted to be true but didn't dare hope?

Every autumn, we run a course to help anyone curious about Jesus and the Christian faith explore some of the most important life questions that we can ask. This happens in a relaxed environment where we do not expect you to believe anything or ask you to do anything you don't want — just bring yourself, any friends who might be interested, and an open and inquiring mind.

Christianity Explored is also a great opportunity for those who may have been going to church for many years to examine the fundamentals of the gospel afresh. See our Christianity Explored page for more information.

Children & Youth

There are a range of groups available to children and young people during the Sunday service. Family services are the sole exception because we all worship together throughout!

There is plenty on offer outside the services as well. Associated with the church are our Boys' and Girls' Brigades which are both thriving. There is a toddler group; we regularly run holiday clubs; and the teenagers have their own CY house group meeting on Sundays. For details check out our Children & Youth page.

House Groups

Many of us meet either weekly or fortnightly in house groups. These are an important way in which we encounter God, support one another, pray, and grow in faith. The groups meet at different times of the week in various locations across town; there is bound to be one that works for you. If you would like to engage more deeply with God and with our community, then you are more than welcome to try out any of these groups and see what they are like.

Rugby Baptist Church sanctuary

Further Information

There are numerous other groups, events, and activities that you might be interested in. Do explore the Church Life section if you would like to know more.